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Martha Leone Design: The blog is where I share thoughts on the creative process and share lots of pictures of each finished piece of painted furniture. Critiques are always welcome!

Red desk and a business update.

Martha Leone

Red desk7 MarthaLeoneDesign

Introductions This piece was painted for PegLeg Vintage with Benjamin Moore ADVANCE AF-290. I added Floetrol (process explained below) to the paint. The top was painted with a loose x-mark technique that I've used on several other pieces. The many layers of paint add a nice texture to the top. 

To get total coverage, I painted six coats of the red. I would blame the Floetrol on this as it thins the paint a bit but I've used this red before and it always requires several coats for a solid finish. The outcome was worth the extra work.

Red desk3 MarthaLeoneDesign

Red desk4 MarthaLeoneDesign

Red desk5 MarthaLeoneDesign

Red desk6 MarthaLeoneDesign

Update on the business I've been painting furniture for almost two years now and still enjoying it. The ideas are coming and I can't paint fast enough to see them realized so they wait in my sketchbook. The exciting new opportunity to with PegLeg Vintage has inspired me to pursue more painted pieces that meld my graphic design sensibilities with paint, using furniture as my canvas. The couple who owns PegLeg Vintage knows furniture, how to restore it, and also knows retail. It has been a delight to work with them thus far. I'm also continuing to sell my on etsy and Krrb and taking custom orders.

New products It's never been my goal to achieve a super smooth paint finish on my furniture, replicating what a machine could do on a new piece. I like the paint brush marks. However, some pieces like mid-century, require that smooth finish.

FloeTrol: With the advice from Chad at PegLeg, I have started to use FloeTrol. This is an additive to latex paint that helps smooth out the painted finish by diminishing the appearance of brush marks. It helps to keep latex paint wet and plyable while I apply it, especially to large areas like desk or table tops.

Benjamin Moore Advance paints: I've been using FloeTrol with the Benjamin Moore Advance line. ADVANCE is an alkyd paint that performs like a traditional oil paint in a waterborne formula that cleans up with soap and water. Its self-leveling qualities makes this paint great for my mid-century pieces.

Howard Restore-A-Finish: A great product when you want to eliminate scratches in the surface of a piece without sanding and restaining. This works beautifully on mid-century pieces that are in good condition but need a bit of help in brightening a dull finish. Application is super easy and the finish doesn't dull after the product dries.

Red desk2 MarthaLeoneDesign

This piece was sold at Peg Leg Vintage, a fantastic vintage shop in my area. Their collection strikes a perfect balance between the timeless design of Mid-century Modern and industrial with touches of traditional throughout the store.


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