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Custom orders for painted furniture are an easy three step process with Martha Leone Design. 


Find the perfect piece for your project
using one of these options

Choose from available inventory
View currently available inventory in my online shop. Subscribe to get notified when new inventory arrives.

Request sourcing services
If you don't find what you want in my online shop, no problem. Contact me and describe what you're looking for and we will source a piece for you. If you need inspiration, view my portfolios and let me know if you have a favorite piece.

Provide your own piece
We also paint furniture you may already own. Use the form below to send a request for an estimate.

After the perfect piece is found

We can customize the piece to match something in my portfolio.
View samples for inspiration: Mid Century | Hollywood Regency | Classic

Custom surface design. If you are interested in owning a unique piece as shown in my Custom Surfaces portfolio, I can either duplicate one of those designs or can provide an original design to suit your style. After discussing the particulars of the project, two concepts are submitted with one round of revisions.

Implementation. After design and color specifications are finalized, your piece is added to the production schedule and transformed with professional products. The piece is sanded, primed, painted with a high quality paint, and parts of it are sealed with a clear coat that hardens to a durable finish.

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