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Martha Leone Design: The blog is where I share thoughts on the creative process and share lots of pictures of each finished piece of painted furniture. Critiques are always welcome!

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Dresser in vintage army.

Martha Leone

Army Dresser 1 at MarthaLeoneDesign

Army Dresser 4 at MarthaLeoneDesign

Army Dresser 5 at MarthaLeoneDesign

Army Dresser 6 at MarthaLeoneDesign

Wish I had a before shot of this dresser. This one missed a close call when I resisted the strong temptation to toss it in the trash. The solid mahogany top saved it.. you just can't throw away such amazing wood.  Because one of the drawers was not salvageable, I inserted a shelf in its place. Actually, I cut two shelves so the buyer of this piece can decide whether they want the shelf or drawer. 

Ideas usually come from my sketchbook. Not for this one. The entire thing evolved as I was painting it. I started at the bottom and worked my way up, stopping at the place where the the white stripe wraps around three sides. The top portion was randomly sanded and a white wash was applied with a rag to encourage the underlying texture to show through. If there is an underlying concept here, it's my fascination with the melding of contrasting elements: glossy/matt finishes; old/new; dark/light.

The red square was an afterthought and I love it... in a strange sort of way.

If I had a large enough bathroom, I would put it in there.

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Army Dresser 2 at MarthaLeoneDesign

Army Dresser 3 at MarthaLeoneDesign

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