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Martha Leone Design. A furniture redesign company specializing in turning each piece of furniture into a sophisticated statement piece with the use of paint and design. This approach produces versatile pieces that are relevant, even as your taste evolves over time.


Martha Leone Design: The blog is where I share thoughts on the creative process and share lots of pictures of each finished piece of painted furniture. Critiques are always welcome!

Summer's End Showcase Part 1

Martha Leone

Summer's end marks the next chapter in the growth of this small business. I've been doing this long enough to begin to understand buying patterns. When do people need furniture? When do they attempt some serious organization, etc. All that to say, I worked hard on many summer mornings painting, prepping, styling, and photographing so many pieces for one of the biggest buying months (September) and all but one of them sold in the past few weeks!

I share all of my work on Instagram and that's where I spend most of my time these days when I have a moment to do some social media. Just in case you don't follow me on IG (and you should), here's a gallery of some of my summer's work:

M I D N I G H T   S K Y   B U F F E T


A buffet painted in a custom mixed midnight blue. I mixed colors that I had on hand: navy blue and black to produce a wonderful midnight blue. After sanding the piece, the blue disappeared to a large degree. Either way, black is a favorite neutral color so it works for me. 

Staging was done with vegetables from a grocery store. I shopped, styled, shot, then used the veggies for dinner that evening. Money well spent! If you're interested in more styling tips, I've compiled some thoughts on how to stage and photograph unusual product shots. Whether you photograph furniture or something else, these tips can apply to many types of product shots.

••    ••• ••• • •• •       • ••• •            •

G R A P H I T E   T A L L B O Y


A highboy painted in Annie Sloan Graphite and Ralph Lauren Gold. These are really some of my favorite types of pieces to paint and rather than "change it", I embraced its age and patina and painted a contrasting color to the original creme painted finish then heavily distressed it to enhance its lovely lines and age. 

••    ••• ••• • •• •       • ••• •            •

There are so many summer pieces to share. More coming soon...

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